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Diversity + Inclusion Experience

Diversity + Inclusion Experience

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AJ Calvin Partner and Director of Development for COACT agency was tasked with a mission to procure a solution to better educate MPI (Meeting Professionals International) attendees on diversity and inclusion. 



What he developed was an interactive experience that would literally let you “reflect” on walking in someone else’s shoes. You walked into an enclosed space and three mirrors were there like a dressing room. All of a sudden the mirrors jumped to life with people from all walks of life were including race, gender, accessibility, and we even captured someone 8 months pregnant. We had the words on the screen at all time for the deaf. To go further we muffled some lines and blurred the image to let those with perfect function experience what it is like without. 


People walked out crying. Some were overjoyed. Others were quite pensive. In the end I truly believe we spoke to the heart of the issue: Don’t just think that we are all equal, believe it and make accommodations at your events, in your stores, in your businesses, to truly make all feel comfortable and that you see them clearly for who they are… people. 

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